Perfect Grid-style Website
In Seconds.

This brand new grid-style (sometimes called Pinterest-style) theme is designed to attract clicks... increase visitors' time on site... and pre-sell your services, products, or other businesses.

By cleverly taking advantage of the latest web trends such as image grid layout, mobile first, and social engagement elements, it's a brilliant theme for directories, portfolio-heavy sites, as well as other sites that need to showcase a lot of images!

Plus, LeadDisplay is amazingly simple to use and get results with - you instantly get a site that look great... and you can customize everything that matters with a couple of clicks. No more fussing around with those 500 page manuals and tweaking endless settings in a never-ending cascade of submenus!

LeadDisplay loads lightning fast, is fully responsive and looks great on ANY device and lets you easily customize any area of your site... and you can get it right now. Check out the demo site...

Responsive Layout - Mobile First

You may have heard of mobile first design? Maybe you have heard of a mobile first front-end framework?

This is exactly what your new theme is built on! Your site will look great on any size device or browser as we've developed it with the mobile first mindset.

Clean Code - Fast Loading

We've done everything in our power to make sure our themes meet the best coding standards; which, in turn, makes your site fast on it's feet and optimized for all the most popular browsers and devices.

Google will love you and bless you with more traffic because your bounce rates will not be affected by a site that doesn't load, is full of errors or doesn't work at all.

Simple, Time Saving, but Powerful

Follow our simple setup and you could have a new site ready for your content in just minutes.

Even though our themes are simple and streamlined, you can sleep well tonight knowing you are building a site on one of the best, most scalable, feature-rich CMS platforms on the web - Wordpress!

WYSIWYG - What You See is What You Get

Our themes are designed to be used out of the box; as is. It is for those that need an easy, simple and/or quick site that can be ready for content and visitors today.

If you are looking for a theme that is completely customizable design and layout-wise, this is not it. WYSIWYG. After the few minutes it takes to install and setup your theme, your only responsibility is to add awesome content and count the money you make.

Simple, Responsive Menus

It goes without saying, usability is important; navigation should be simple. Our main menus are streamlined (no sub-menus).. your visitors should be able to get to everything they need in one or two clicks.

These are also responsive. You'll see a slick menu button on smaller devices which saves real estate, but keeps the menu one click away.

Best Platform on the Planet

Of course, your site is going to be on the best platform on the planet - Wordpress. You are already ahead of many site owners in terms of a great, SEO friendly platform that is primed to make you money.

It'll be easy to maintain, add content and update. Your new theme takes advantage of many of Wordpress' built in features to make your life easier and your business more profitable!

Personal License

You may install the theme on any site
you own and control.

Agency License

You may install the theme on client sites
you have been paid to develop.